Your Favourite Supplements for 2021

Vitamin D by far a winner in 2021.

Here we are now at the end of 2021, what a year it has been. But let’s not go there, let’s look back instead at what was popular this year.

Vitamin D became topical, becoming a household name after the Department of Health suggested that the following “at-risk” groups should strongly consider supplementation: pregnant and breastfeeding women; infants and young children under 5 years of age; older people over 65 years of age; and those of you with little to no exposure to the sun, and people with darker skin.

Reduce anxiety with Higher Nature Balance for Nerves

Unfortunately, anxiety was a huge issue, with all ages being affected. We have had many conversations with customers about how they’re feeling. A healthy diet, lifestyle, natural remedies, flower Remedies, counselling, CBT, and mindfulness, may all help cope with anxiety. Our top remedy for anxiety was Higher Nature Balance for Nerves, it’s suitable from age 13. Many people found that they had a better night’s sleep too. I often combined it with a flower remedy, most often Aspen, the one for anxiety and fear of the unknown.

Natural remedies for stress

Ashwagandha was our number one remedy to help with stress. This is an adaptogenic herb which means that it can adapt to the needs of the body. It may support energy levels, and increase resistance to stress and anxiety. You may feel more focussed and may have improved sleep too. Our top supplement was Stressveda, it’s one which many of us at the stores used ourself and found it brilliant, customers love it too. This is a combination of Ashwagandha and B Vitamins.

Magnesium, known as natures tranquiliser was popular to help relieve muscle tension, aid relaxation, sleep, and for improved energy. Mag365 was the top product for us.

Cleanmarine the number one menopause product

It was fantastic to see the menopause being discussed openly on national airways, TV, and being written about in newspapers and magazines. Talking is the best place to start and the conversation has begun. Hopefully we can keep it going now. Cleanmarine Menomin was one of our top supplements throughout the year to ease the symptoms of menopause. There are some new and interesting products on the market this year that I am looking into, I will be sure to let you know about them in the new year.

I wonder what the top supplements will be in 2022?

Stressveda was my favourite supplement for 2021

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