Our Team

Meet The Team!

As a family business our core values are “Family Values” we see our Team as an extension of our family. Without them, we wouldn’t have the track record we have with customer care and service. Like all families, we work together to achieve our common goals. Our goal is to serve you, our customers with the best possible care and attention, providing you with the best possible solutions to your family’s health concerns.

We have two bricks and mortar stores along with our online store and it takes a well organised, knowledgeable, passionate, and caring team to keep the ship sailing. We won’t go into the boring details of qualifications and who has what, it's suffice to say that we have a highly trained, experienced, knowledgeable and passionate team. A team you can place your trust in to find you the best possible solution to your health concerns.

As we say here:

Let our family help your family make better health choices

In our Wexford store you will meet:


Christine is one of the founding members. You won't see her on the shop floor so much these days. I guess you could say Christine is the Captain of this ship, keeping us on course always bringing you the best shopping experience possible both online and offline.


Patrick is one of founding family members. You will always see Patrick buzzing around the store, keeping things in proper order is his specialty.


Linda is one of the founding family members. Linda loves chatting with you. Finding solutions to your health concerns brings her joy.


A Nutritional Health Coach. Ann is caring and compassionate and is a great listener when you need to go through your health concerns.


Megan is Linda's daughter, she loves all things holistic, from crystals and incense to living a Zen and peaceful life.


Davina is our Nutritional Therapist, she can talk about just about anything, just call in see for yourself. Davina has years of experience dealing with customers on the shop floor and also in her private clinic.


Wendy also a Nutritional Therapist just recently joined our team and is fitting into our family as if she was always here.

In our Kilkenny store you will meet:


Craig is our Kilkenny store manager. You can’t fault his passion and enthusiasm. He will always go that extra mile to keep you smiling.


Clair is one of the founding members and between her live radio shows on KCLR, Community Radio, Kilkenny and South East Radio you will catch Clair in-store Mondays and Tuesdays. Clair’s knowledge awarded her “Thought Leader in Natural Health” with the All-Star Business Awards in 2018.


Patience is Rachel’s virtue and she will spend time with you helping you get to the crux of your health concern.


Jayne is studying nutrition and is excited to share her up to date tips on how you can improve your diet and lifestyle.


Or Kati as she is known around here. Kati is just starting out on her first job and loves learning all about natural health solutions.

Our Online Team


Sam is our Ecommerce manager. He is responsible for overseeing your experience with us here.


Clair is our blogger with her Naturally Healthy Blogs taken from her regular Newspaper articles.


Christine oversees the whole team. Keeping it all running as the ship should be.

Your questions anwsered.

All your queries are answered by one of our experienced and knowledgeable team members above. No robots around here. Just genuine and knowledgeable answers from one of our passionate team members.