How To Find An Ethical Brand Of Supplements

Terranova is one of my favourite Ethical Brands

Customers often ask me which brand of supplements is the best. New staff ask the same question. There are several excellent brands to choose from but, Terranova is one that stands out and comes to mind first. This is because they are an ethical brand with top quality ingredients. They never use fillers or binders, artificial colours or flavours.

Instead, Terranova use a unique Magnifood Complex as a base for their supplements. This can include a mixture of nutrient rich ingredients like spirulina, green barley grass, kale, watercress, pomegranate seeds or blackberries. The Magnifood Complex enhances the bio-availability, utilisation, and function of the product's main ingredients, ensuring proper digestion, absorption, and utilisation where needed in the body. Every product will have its own unique mixture to support the product. The entire range is vegan.

Terranova Life Drink for energy and vitality

One of their most popular products is Life Drink. It’s my colleague Leah’s personal favourite. She says it is great because it’s naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, omega oils, proteins, greens, and digestive support and provides her with excellent nutritional support. It comes in powder form, Leah adds it to water but you you can add to your favourite milk, juice, smoothie or yoghurt. Life Drink is ideal for anyone wanting to top up on nutrients for all round vitality, mood, and immune support. Leah says it tastes good too, a bit earthy but enjoyable. She highly recommends it.

Quercetin and Nettle Complex for hay fever

Hayfever is a huge problem not just in the summer months but all year round. This is because you could have sensitivity to the pollen in grass, weeds, or trees all year round. If you have a problem with hayfever then take a look at Terranova Quercetin and Nettle Complex. The Quercetin works to support immunity helping the body to recognise that the pollen you are breathing in is not dangerous to you. Nettle is a natural anti-histamine. This can help relieve the symptoms associated with high histamine including running/streaming eyes and nose as well as relieving itchiness of the eyes, nose, and roof of the mouth. It also contains vitamin C traditionally used to relieve symptoms. You can also start taking the supplement before the season begins to help reduce the severity and the length of time you experience symptoms. This is a one of our popular supplements that many of our customers have successfully used to help with hayfever.

Vollagen a vegan collagen

Terranova also have a range of fermented supplements which includes Ashwagandha and Black Garlic. The difference between fermented and non-fermented is that the fermentation process promotes superior absorption of the plant.

They also have a vegan collagen range, Vollagen. You can choose from products with vegan collagen to support the skin which will have added hyaluronic acid or go for the one with glucosamine sulphate for joint health. This is proving to be a popular supplement especially for anyone who wants to take collagen but not in powder form.

Other supplements include probiotics, digestive enzymes, and multi vitamins for men, women, and multi vitamins for pregnancy too. Certainly, worth your while looking at the Terranova range, there is something for everyone there.

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