True Gum Mint

True Gum Mint

Ture Gum

  • Sugar Free

  • Vegan

  • Vegetarian


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True Gum is made with sap from gum trees that grow in the Central-American jungle. Together with farmer cooperatives, we give the local chicleros a reason to preserve the trees of the rainforest.

If you want something done right, then you sometimes have to do it yourself. So now we've built our own chewing gum factory in Copenhagen where every piece of True Gum today is made.

Sweeteners (Xylitol, Steviolglycosides), Chicle Gum Base, Moisturizing Agent (Glycerine), Natural Flavours, Matcha Powder (1%), Stabilizing Agent (Acacia Gum), Safflower, Spirulina Extract

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