Iswari Chlorella Tablets

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Product Description

Chlorella is the alga with the highest chlorophyll content!

Are you looking for a natural detoxifier that is healthy, easy to use, versatile, and full of beneficial properties? As always, Mother Nature is only too happy to oblige: Chlorella is a fresh water alga with extraordinary detoxifying properties!

Chlorella is the queen of algae, a single-cell microalga capable of cleansing heavy metals from the body. Rich in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. Chlorella is the main source of chlorophyll on the planet: concentrated health! Iswari Chlorella is organic and produced in the clear waters of Mongolian lakes. Its cell walls ensure maximum nutrient absorption!


We recommend taking 1 to 4 tablets of Iswari Chlorella per day to experience all of its benefits. We know that not everyone likes the taste of algae. In some regions of the world, algae have been part of traditional cuisine for centuries, but in the West, we are not yet accustomed to its taste. That's why we created our Chlorella Tablets: if you do not like the taste of Chlorella powder, try our tablets!


Chlorella Powder