Omega 3 Fish Oils Who Needs Them?

Who needs Omega 3 fish oils?

Who needs Omega 3 fish oils? Everybody would benefit from Omega 3. This includes young children, adults, and pregnant women. Fish oils are a natural source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. They are classed as essential because your body needs them every single day. The body cannot make them itself, so they must be provided through food or supplement. It is estimated that 89% of Irish people do not eat enough oily fish. Essential fatty acids are important for mood, cognitive function, to reduce inflammation, for joint health, and for cardiovascular health. Children need it for proper development. It’s important for pregnant women for foetal brain development, brain function, and general maternal health.

The best sources of Omega 3 are oily fish as they provide the essential DHA and EPA in an already converted form. This means that they are ready to use by the body immediately. The body has to convert the Omega 3 in vegetables to EPA and DHA.

There are many brands of fish oils, so how do you know which one to choose?

One of my favourite brands is Eskimo Oil. It’s been on the Irish market for 30 years, almost the same amount of time I have worked in natural health! Eskimo promise sustainability and are fully traceable. They remove toxins like mercury and exceed all tests for purity, freshness, and stability that fish oils must go through. They’re in triglyceride form, this means that the body will treat the oil as if it was food and absorb it extremely efficiently. It has no fishy after taste.

Eskimo Brain 3 6 9 is another option for students

For hormonal balance, or for healthy skin as it contains a variety of omega oils, as well as CoQ10.

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