Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

Love is in the air, I don’t think we have to wait to celebrate love, happiness, and appreciation for each other until Valentines Day! We can celebrate any day we like. Here are some gift suggestions for someone you love.

Chocolates are always a great gift idea. Booa Booja Hazelnut Crunch chocolate truffles with sweet, roasted Italian nuts is one of our customers’ favourites. They are gluten free and suitable for vegans. I think they are a great choice.

Love Your Skin Body Care Products

Or treat yourself to some Holos Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, it is gorgeous, your skin will look great and feel silky smooth. You can use in the day or night. Holos is an Irish brand and was our number one skin care product in 2023. With organic Argan oil, rose, frankincense and palmarosa it’s perfect to smooth out fine lines and balance sebum levels in the skin.

Absolute Aromas Romance Massage Oil is the perfect choice for a romantic evening. It’s a blend of Ylang Ylang, Rose, and Jasmine to excite your senses, the perfect blend for a romantic massage. Burn some Sensual incense sticks to add to the atmosphere.

Rose Quartz the crystal for love

Essential oils, candles, and incense sticks are lovely gifts. Elements Sensuality incense sticks are a popular one all year round. Or you could take a look at the lovely soya wax candles that are hand poured in Ireland. There are several scents to choose from including Self Love, the perfect choice for the season of love

Healing crystals are popular and people sometimes ask me which crystal is the one to attract love. I always think of Rose Quartz as this crystal to use for self-love. We have to love ourselves before we can be loved, and working with this crystal will help in both areas. Rose Quartz is considered the most important love stone. It is a beautiful pearly pink colour and is associated with the heart chakra, rich in feminine energy, and compassion. It is used whether you want to heal old wounds or if you are ready to attract the love of your life.

Speaking of healing old wounds, if you have recently broken up with the love of your life and are heartbroken you could take flower remedy Star of Bethlehem. It may heal the sorrows of the heart and help you to cope a little bit better.

Let’s share the love this month.

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