How To Choose Your Multivitamin

Do you need to take a multivitamin?

Our friends in Nutri Advanced have put together a great blog on how to choose one of their multivitamins. Nutri Advanced have been helping people for over 40 years. Providing education and personalised nutrition advice that takes into account the whole person. They exist to help people feel well and produce supplements that work. Each one is formulated meticulously, every single ingredient, form, amount and combination has been researched and carefully selected.

Your GP might tell you that you can get everything you need from a healthy diet yet Harvard researchers recommend that, “It is prudent that all adults should take daily vitamins.” The question of whether to add a daily multivitamin into your healthcare routine is a hotly debated one, yet the evidence to date points towards it being a good move for your immediate and long term health. Think of it a bit like a nutrition insurance policy – it’s unlikely that your diet will always supply everything your body needs, especially during times of stress, so a daily multivitamin can help to fill in the gaps when they appear. The next step is to decide which one to take.

Here’s our quick guide to choosing a multivitamin that’s right for you:

What’s Most Important to You?


You’ll never benefit from a pot of vitamins that sits in your cupboard, goes past its sell-by date and eventually gets thrown away. If that sounds familiar and convenience is key for you, make sure you decide on a multivitamin that will actually fit into your lifestyle. A one-a-day tablet is a good idea for this very reason – it’s much more convenient than popping multiple pills daily. You might also want to consider a good all-round formula that the whole household can share. These subtle differences may seem minimal but will help to ensure that your multivitamin actually gets taken, rather than just sitting untouched in the cupboard.

Here’s what to look for in a good all round one-a-day multivitamin & mineral formula for the whole family:

In a general multivitamin you should look for the following.

• 1000 IU vitamin D3 – We now know that most people are low and will benefit from this daily maintenance level.

• Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) – This nutrient is key for energy production and often missing from general multivitamins. Make sure you look out for B12 in the form of methylcobalamin as this is the activated, body ready form.

• 5-MTHF – This is the body ready form of folic acid and the optimal way to supplement this important nutrient. Check this is the form your multivitamin contains otherwise it may well be ineffective.

• Vitamin K2 – Works with vitamin D to ensure calcium is directed to the bones and is often missing from daily multivitamins.

• Magnesium – An important nutrient that is often low in typical Western diets. Magnesium helps to support energy production and is also vital for sleep. Look for at least 25mg in each dosage.

Most general multivitamin & mineral formulas are suitable for children aged 12 and above - Younger children need a specific children’s formula with a more targeted nutrient profile.

Are You Looking for a Gender-Specific Formula

Whilst it’s possible to choose a very effective all-round formula that the whole household can take, if you want something that’s more targeted to your needs, a one-a-day gender specific formula is a great option.

Here’s what to look for in a gender-specific multivitamin & mineral formula:


• Iron free - Men’s nutritional needs for iron are lower than women’s and the diet will often supply optimal levels alone. Men are also at higher risk of iron overload.

• Lycopene - An antioxidant nutrient found in rich supply in tomatoes that can help to support a healthy prostate and cardiovascular system.

• Zinc and Selenium - Supports male reproductive health.

• Phytosterols - Supports a balanced prostate and cardiovascular health.

• Taurine - Cardiovascular and energy support.


• Iodine and Selenium - Support for thyroid and reproductive health.

• Broccoli extract, vitamin B6 & magnesium - Supports healthy hormonal balance

• Pomegranate extract - For healthy skin and antioxidant support.

• Boron, vitamin D3 & vitamin K2 – Supports bone health.

• Biotin – Supports healthy hair, skin and nails.

• 400 mcg folic acid (as 5-MTHF) – This is the body ready form of folic acid and the best way to supplement this important nutrient. Folic acid is a crucial nutrient for everyone, and is essential at the point of conception. It is often recommended that all women of childbearing age take 400mcg folic acid in a daily multivitamin.

Women 50+ Formula

• Iron Free - Once women stop menstruating they require less iron as they transition through the menopause.

• Calcium from natural algae source, Boron, vitamin D3 & vitamin K2 - Bone health is especially important for women as they get older as bone density decreases.

• Curcumin - Supports healthy joints.

• Ashwagandha - Supports energy, vitality and a healthy stress response.

• Bacopa - Supports mind and memory.

• Two-a-day formula in a small tablet size - As people age they may have difficulty with larger tablets so a two-a-day formula means a smaller tablet size.