How to Boost Your Energy Levels Naturally

Boost Your Energy Levels with Revive Active

It is difficult to believe that we are now in March, time is flying by. Normally at this time of year most of you would be getting your energy back and feeling more energised but that is not what I am hearing. Many of you are struggling with energy levels after a long winter. Put simply, a lot of you are telling me that you feeling tired and that your energy is zapped. Essentially, you are tired being tired. I get asked what the best supplement is to help get you back on track, something that could improve energy and immunity at the same time.

There are lots of reasons why you could be tired, for example lack of sleep or bad quality sleep will leave you feeling exhausted. Lack of exercise and movement can impact on your energy levels too. What you eat will have a huge effect on your energy levels. Aim to have a healthy balanced diet. After that you can take a look at topping up with some supplements to support your energy levels.

Revive Active is the perfect choice to give you the support you need. It’s a super supplement containing 26 active ingredients to help support immunity, energy, and heart health. Revive Active contains 150mg of CoQ10, 3,000mg Arginine, vitamins, minerals and amino acids all in one sachet to support everyday living. It comes in powder form so you can add it to water which ensures easier absorption so that it can get to work fast. It comes in a choice of orange and mango flavour or tropical flavour.

Revive Active gets the thumbs up

Revive Active is a supplement that I regularly get feedback about. Most people will have been recommended to try it by a friend who has used it and who found it brilliant. The common thing that people say is, that they see a brilliant improvement in their energy levels, their mood, and generally feeling better in themselves. All were happy with the fact that it does several things in one go; heart, immunity, fatigue, and energy. And the fact that it is an Irish brand is a bonus too. Revive Active is a super supplement worth looking at.

Support your gut health after antibiotics

If you have been feeling fatigued after taking antibiotics keep in mind that it is wise to top up on your good gut microbiome. Antibiotics will kill off your good gut bacteria. These bacteria work hard to make B Vitamins for energy and are an important part of immunity too. One of my go-to microbiotic supplements is Udo’s Choice Super 8 Immune Microbiotics + C, you will find it in the fridge. This would be perfect to take alongside Revive Active. For children who have had antibiotics you can choose Udo’s Choice Children’s for age 5 onwards, or the infants to age 5 choose Infant Blend.

I hope you get back on track soon.

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