How our emotions can affect our health.

Positive emotions can have a positive affect on your health.

Our health and how we age has a lot to do with how we live our life, how we treat our body, what we eat, our toxic load and believe it or not how we feel. Yes how we feel will have an effect on the aging process and our health just as much as what we eat. Positive emotions are much more anti aging than negative ones. Our mind and body are linked; our body reflects our emotional and psychological states. A strong immune system will be the result of a healthy diet, physical, spiritual and emotional state. We can’t have it all unless we do it all. All aspects of our lifestyle must be looked at in order to create a healthy body that will age gracefully.

The word “emotion” stands for energy in motion. Our feelings produce energy that need to “move” or be expressed in a healthy way. If those emotions are not dealt with they get stored in the body and can lead to health problems. One example of how our emotions affect our physical body is when we are scared or nervous and it makes our heart beat faster or we get butterflies in our stomach, that’s our emotions having a physical affect on our bodies. In Louise Hay’s book “Heal your Body” she says thoughts and feelings are linked to different parts of the physical body and different illness.

If you continually have negative emotions your body will be in a more acidic state and therefore more prone to disease. Check out Louise Hay’s Chart to see how your emotional state is affecting your health.

Emotional pain chart