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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Think Better Cognitive Behaviour Coaching:

Do you have a dream but somehow keep getting pushed off track? Kids grown up and not sure what to do next? Know what you want but don’t know how to get there? Made redundant? Want to change career or make a major life change but not sure what or how? If the answer is Yes then Coaching could be for you. 

Beverley offers Cognitive Behaviour Coaching as a personal development approach to help people develop competence, become more effective in an area of working or personal life and reach their goals. Cognitive Behaviour Coaching works in partnership with you to help you identify where you are now; where you want to get to, identify what is getting in the way, learn how to remove those barriers and create a practical measurable plan so that you can move forward.

To make an appointment for Cognitive Behaviour Coaching then please call Bev on 087 9678149.


Think Better Workshops

Change the way you think to change your life and achieve your goals in your personal and working life. Short workshops that are informative, 

enjoyable and provide practical tools are available in a range of “Think Better” areas including:

  • Resilience; How to survive and thrive when the going gets tough
  • How to stop “People Pleasing”
  • Managing negative “self-talk”
  • First steps to recognising and managing unhealthy emotions
  • Letting go of Perfectionism so that you can “Fail” your way to Success
  • The Trouble with Self Esteem
  • Self- Acceptance
  • Thinking your way through the Menopause


Open workshops will be advertised as they are offered. Enquiries are welcome and workshops can be tailored to the needs and interests of particular groups.

For Think Better Workshops please call Bev on 087 9678149 to discuss.


Beverley Webster

My qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts; Certificate of Education; a First class Higher Diploma in Social and Vocational Rehabilitation; a First class M.Sc. in Disability Management and a Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I am accredited with the Institute of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

I have over 25 years of experience working with people to help them to become more effective in their personal and working lives. I also worked with organisations that were committed to creating more equitable and inclusive working environments.  Further to working for the National Rehabilitation Board and The Rehab Group, in 2001 I established my own business providing training and consultancy in the areas of equality and inclusion. I also specialised in working with people who had acquired an illness/injury or disability and needed support to get into work, back to work or living a different life of their choice.

While working with people who had become ill, injured or disabled it always fascinated me how some people coped better than others, in fact in life generally why some people appear calm and collected while others can appear anxious and unable to cope, why some people come back from terrible adversity when others don’t. Of course the same applied to my own life. What caused me to cope better at some times than others?  Through my own life experiences and personal development and through sharing the journeys of others it has become clear to me that how we think about ourselves, about others and the world has the biggest impact on our lives. The way we think affects the way we feel and as we all know the way we feel really affects how we act, for better or worse.  Think Better services are designed to help people learn about staying well, achieving personal and professional success, coming back from the knocks that are part of life, being comfortable with who you are and living your life of choice.