Wall Hanging French Crepe Pentagram

Wall Hanging French Crepe Pentagram




Stunning high quality french crepe banner.

You can hang this statement banner with pentagram on the wall or as a decoration for your furniture.

The color purple of the banner also has a meaning. In many movements, purple is the color of spirituality, intuition and subconscious. For yoga practitioners, purple symbolizes the upper chakra (crown chakra).

The banner is of beautiful quality and woven crepe. Crepe is a weaving technique that makes fabrics fall beautiful and smoothly.

The pentagram can be found in multiple cultures. In Greek this word means "five lines." The best known movement that uses the pentagram as a symbol is wicca. Wicca is a modern form of witchcraft or a natural religion. The pentagram stands for the five elements in this religion, namely earth, water, wind, fire and the spirit.

In addition, the pentagram can symbolize the five senses: feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting.

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