Oracle Cards The Manifesting Deck Sinead de Hora



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Product Description

Use ‘The Manifesting Deck’ as a daily reminder on how to keep your energy high and aligned with your heart's desires.

Know that you are limitless! You can have anything your heart desires if you simply believe. Believe you are worthy of your dreams because you are. Use these 33 empowering affirmations to enhance your energy, to remind you of your passion and purpose, and to remind you to always reach for the stars.

It’s time to allow your insecurities to teach you, let your dreams propel you, and let your heart uplift you. You are guided, supported, and protected by the Angels. They are working with you as you communicate with the Universe to awaken all of your dreams so that they become your reality. I cannot wait to watch you become the manifestor that you are destined to be.