Crystal Tree of Luck Green Aventurine Large

Crystal Tree of Luck Green Aventurine Large




Trees represent growth,abundance,connection to the earth & things coming to fruition.

Crystal Trees work by enhancing & aligning the frequencies & energies in your home through the power of intention.

You can work with the symbolism & the crystal energy of the tree to help you grow your intentions.

By programming your tree to hold your intentions & manifestations you can help your goals come to fruition.

Green Aventurine Cultivates good luck & abundance.Known as the stone of opportunity as it associated with luck in all areas of your life.

The ideal spot for this tree is at the front door to attract good fortune/new opportunities into your space.

How to program your tree:

  • Hold your tree for a moment & feel the energy it holds.
  • Repeat your specific intention three times, while doing so feel the emotions of this intention coming to life as if it already has.
  • Then set the intention that your tree will grow those intentions.
  • Lastly write your intention down on a piece of paper & place it beneath your tree.

Give thanks to your tree.

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