White Masu Black Bean Chili Ketchup

White Masu Black Bean Chili Ketchup

White Mausu

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White Mausu, (pronounced white mouse-u) are an Irish Food crowd who aim to make sauces you can not live without! Their Black Bean Chili Ketchup is a HOT take on one of the worlds favourite condiments. Smoky, fermented black bean teams up with moreish shiitake mushrooms and seaweed, adding some serious oomph to this store cupboard classic. Gochagaruband tamari round it out for a salty, spicy finish. This is a ketchup with a twist, so don't just use it as you would with the old faithful. Sure you can lash it on fried potatoes and dollop it on your burgers, but you can also add a spoonful or two to a hot pot or a broth! Let your taste buds be your guide.

Tomato, water, fermented black beans (12%) (soya), Gochugaru, Raw Cane Sugar, Vinegar, Chili Flake, Tamari (soya), Salt, Garlic, shiitake mushroom, Seaweed, Spices.

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