Wall Hanging French Crepe Green Man

Wall Hanging French Crepe Green Man



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Product Description

On this beautiful wall hanging is an image of "the Green Man". This mythological figure is known throughout the world. The face with leaves and branches appeals to many people's imagination. With this gorgeous banner you bring it into your home. It is a friendly, mysterious face.

What is the meaning behind the Green Man?

The green man's face is reminiscent of a tree. His face is depicted as an almost human face with branches and leaves as head and beard. The green man is a symbol of the productive, masculine energy of the earth.

This banner is suitable for hanging on the wall. It is weighted on the top and bottom, so that it stays nicely straight. The high quality French crepe ensures that the fabric looks and falls beautifully. The tapestry is packed in a tube, so that it stays neat.

With this banner you can bring atmosphere to any space. The Green Man is a friendly and at the same time mystical symbol for many people. Buy it for yourself or give it to someone as a gift!