Vitamin D Test - MyBio Self Test

Vitamin D Test - MyBio Self Test


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Product Description

What it does?

Vitamin D Test tells you if you're low in Vitamin D.

Who is it for?

Young adults, elderly people and women all need to keep their vitamin D level in mind because they are at a higher risk.

Why would I want to do this test?

The MyBio™ Vitamin D Test delivers a reliable, quick and clear answers to the question ”Have I low levels of Vitamin D?" in the privacy of their own home.

The science

Why do we need Vitamin D? It regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.

Early Diagnosis - If you're deficient and know it, you can take action. A vitamin D deficiency can severely impact your life, so it’s important that you get tested if you start to experience symptoms or are in a high-risk group.

Vitamin D deficiency is now recognised as a global epidemic.

Strong bones and muscles, mental fitness, prevention of osteoporosis and better athletic performance are just a few of the benefits that are linked to healthy vitamin D levels.