Trilogy Clean Beauty Starter Kit

Trilogy Clean Beauty Starter Kit



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Treat skin to the Trilogy Rosehip Collection Gift Set. The set contains a selection of deluxe skincare goodies that feature the naturally nourishing benefits of Rosehip, all conveniently travel-sized for pampering on-the-go.

The Set Contains:

Cream Cleanser (30ml)
The Cream Cleanser is one of Trilogy's most praised and coveted skincare products. With over half of the bottle containing organic rosehip oil, it does more than just remove impurities. Enriched with other skin nourishing ingredients such as primrose oil, almond, carrot and jojoba oil, your skin will be left feeling lusciously soft as well as thoroughly cleansed of dirt and makeup buildup. Formulated with orange blossom and free from harsh sulfates, it is gentle enough to make it your morning and evening daily cleanser.

Vital Moisturising Cream (20ml)
Lightweight and fast-absorbing, the Moisturising Cream provides immediate nourishment and hydration for all skin types, assisting healthy skin renewal and helping minimise signs of ageing. Made from a blend of twelve of nature's most beneficial botanical actives including rosehip, evening primrose and orange flower, the lightweight cream is Trilogy’s most popular daily moisturiser.

Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ (5ml)
The 100% certified organic formula has been proven to restore the skins natural goodness in just a few powerful little drops. An advanced blend of essential oils and red berry extracts work synergistically to replenish and renew the skin so it is at its optimum radiance - while the anti-oxidants protect from external aggressors.

Hydrating Mist Toner (20ml)
The Hydrating Mist Toner is a gentle, aromatic moisture mist that provides instant hydration for thirsty skin. It combines rose petal, lavender and geranium to invigorate and tone your skin, ideal for use after cleansing or whenever your skin is feeling dry or stressed after long days in air-conditioned spaces.

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