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Thyroid Test - MyBio Self Test


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Product Description

What it does?

Thyroid Test tests for an underactive thyroid.

Who is it for?

Up to 1 in 12 people have issues with their thyroid - yet it often remains undiagnosed as it is difficult to identify without a test and by symptoms alone. Thyroid disorders are particularly common in women.

Why would I want to do this test?

The MyBio™ Thyroid test delivers a reliable, quick and clear answer to the question "Do I have an underactive thyroid?" in the privacy of their own home.

Further Facts

What does the thyroid do? It produces hormones that help regulate the body's metabolism (the process that turns food into energy).

Early Diagnosis - If a person knows they have an underactive thyroid, they can take the appropriate steps with their doctor and avoid the health risks associated such as obesity, joint pain, infertility and heart disease. The higher the TSH, the more compelling is the rationale for treatment.

If you have one or more of the symptoms of hypothyroidism including feeling tired and lethargic, weight gain, dry skin and brittle hair, becoming forgetful and sometimes depressed, feeling cold and constipation as well as menstrual irregularities in women, then taking test for the condition is recommended.