Revive Active Teen

Revive Active Teen

Revive Active


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An unflavoured Super Supplement with 18 vitamins and minerals, prebiotics and probiotics, 5 fruit and vegetable powders and Wellmune Beta Glucan delivering multiple benefits in one easy sachet.

Chicory root extract

1000mg Wellmune beta 1,3/1,6 glucans

100mg Bacillus coagulans (15 billion CFU/g)

60mg Apple fruit juice powder

50mg Pear fruit juice powder

50mg Pineapple fruit juice powder

50mg Carrot powder

25mg Choline

10mg Vitamin A

200ug Vitamin D3

5ug Vitamin E

9mg Vitamin K2

60ug Vitamin C

120mg Thiamin

1.1mg Niacin

16mg Vitamin B6

1.4mg Folic acid 200ug

Vitamin B12

2.5ug Biotin

50ug Pantothenic Acid

6mg Magnesium

7mg Iron 1.4mg

Zinc 4mg Copper

2mg Manganese

44ug Selenium

One sachet daily.

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