Pep & Lekker Fennel & Chia Seed Snacks

Pep & Lekker Fennel & Chia Seed Snacks


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The unique taste of fennel seeds combined with the nutritional punch of chia seeds produces a savoury snack that does more than fill the gap.

Fennel is loaded with manganese and rich in powerful antioxidants

Chia seeds are packed with nutrients including magnesium, calcium, fibre and quality protein

12% Chicory Root Fibre (inulin) supports gut health

100% natural ingredients and impressive nutritional profile

Sunflower seeds, apple puree, linseed, chicory root fibre, buckwheat flakes, chia seeds (5%), rice flour, rice protein, olive oil, hemp seeds, fennel seeds,(1.5%), Himalayan pink salt, pink peppercorns, blue poppy seeds

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