Otosan Immunix 3

Otosan Immunix 3


  • Gluten Free


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A more complete formula to promote physiological immune defences.

When is Immunix3 useful?

When our defences are challenged by our diet, lifestyle or external environment:

The changes brought by the seasons, such as the cold and wet of winter and the increase in viruses at this time

The need to congregate together for shelter and warmth during winter – especially with the return to school

Changes in eating habits at different times of the year; Vitamin D and C insufficiency (particularly significant for elderly people in winter)

Unhealthy lifestyles – smoking, alcohol, excessive work and stress, not getting enough exercise.

Imbalances in the intestinal, bacterial flora

Exposure to environmental pollutants in food, air and water

Tiredness and fatigue

The ‘oxidative stress’ on the cells of the body arising from the accumulation of external ‘stressors’.

Bulking Agent: Maltodextrin; Vitamin C; Honey Powder; Binding Agent: mixture of stearic acids; 1.3/1.6 Beta Glucan; Reduced L-Glutathione; Bacillus Clausii; Anti Caking Agent: Magnesium Stearate; Zinc Oxide*; Orange Flavour spray; anti caking agent: Silicon Dioxide; Vitamin D3; Sweetener: Stevia *microencapsulated with high bioavailability.

2 chewable tablets per day for children from 5 years, 4 tablets per day for adults. It is recommended to continue for 10 days a month for three consecutive months.