Oracle Cards Wisdom Del Alma

Oracle Cards Wisdom Del Alma



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A self-love affirmation deck for the soul by a Latina woman, for Latina and BIWOC women.

“I am the woman I once prayed to be,” “Like the snake, I shed old skins,” “I will not apologize for the wild in me,” and “I hold space for all my emotions and I cradle them with devotion”: these are just a few of the powerful affirmations contained in the I Am Diosa deck, Christine Gutierrez’s first deck and a follow-up to her August 2020 book, I Am Diosa.

In this self-love affirmation deck for the soul, each word and each piece of art encourages readers to lean into discomfort, share their authentic truths, embrace their shadow and their light, and understand that they have the power to step into fullness and be wholly themselves.

This deck gives the reader a loving, real, and raw reminder to feel empowered and to activate deeper self-love. It is unique in that it is geared toward women of color; yet it is open to all women who are looking for a quick reminder that they are worthy and loved, and that they are all diosa (goddess) in their own right.