OptiBac Probiotics One Week Flat

OptiBac Probiotics One Week Flat


  • Gluten Free

  • Sugar Free

  • Vegetarian


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Optibac Probiotics One Week Flat is an easy seven-day course of probiotics and prebiotics, formulated to support digestive health, especially in those with occasional bloating*. Contains four high-quality probiotic strains which complement the natural gut bacteria.

It is recommended to take One Week Flat every day for at least one week. After that it is down to personal preference. One Week Flat can be used in the short term, as a week-long course for those experiencing occasional bloating* or if you are looking for an affordable way to 'top up' your gut bacteria every now and then. Equally, it can be used daily on an ongoing basis if you find this suits you best. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to take it. Here are some of the ways that our loyal One Week Flat customers take this supplement:​

A 7-day course regularly every month
A 7-day course as and when required
One sachet every day on an ongoing basis

  • Prebiotic FOS (Fructooligosaccharides 0.3g)
  • Probiotic blend: Bifidobacterium bifidum Rosell-71, Lactobacillus casei Rosell-215, Lactococcus lactis Rosell-1058 and Lactobacillus acidophilus/helveticus Rosell-52
  • Maltodextrin

Natural dietary supplement suitable for adults and children (from 4 years onwards) with the following recommendations:

  • Take 1 sachet daily for 7 consecutive days, preferably with breakfast.
  • Pour an inch of water into a tall glass, leaving plenty of room for swirling.
  • Shake the sachet before gently sprinkling the powder into the glass.
  • Vigorously swirl the water around in the glass making sure the powder is dissolved.

We highly recommend you take One Week Flat for 7 consecutive days. Many consumers like to take this course once a month. However, it can be taken on an ongoing basis or as desired.