One Nutrition Vegan Complete

One Nutrition Vegan Complete


One Nutrition

Product Description

Vegan Complete is a unique combination of naturally sourced, plant based Omega 3 DHA & EPA, derived from algae, blended with a multitude of highly absorbable vitamins including Vitamins D3, B3, B6 ,B12, Iron Zinc, Folate, Iodine & Selenium formulated especially to support a vegan diet.

Created using carefully selected high quality ingredients, it contains a naturally occurring very active form of B12 which can be more easily absorbed and retained in our tissues compared to synthetic forms.

It is also rich in naturally occurring plant sourced Vitamin D3 as well as Folate & B6 which does not require conversion within the body & can therefore be utilised quickly & easily.

Containing Iron Ferrous Bisglycinate chosen for its small organic chelated iron molecules that can pass easily through the intestinal wall for better absorption. Also, negative reactions do not occur with other nutrients due to the stable Iron molecules with no ionic charge.