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Nua Naturals Organic Wheatgrass

Nua Naturals Organic Wheatgrass


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Wheatgrass is prepared from the common wheat plant. Importantly, however, the plant is harvested at the early stages of growth before jointing occurs, after which, its nutritional value declines sharply.

Wheatgrass is regarded as a natural multivitamin due to its rich nutrient properties and a high count of benefits. It is one of nature's most potent sources of nutrients and is said to contain almost every vitamin and mineral the human body needs. It contains all eight amino acids that are essential to building protein, 92 of the 108 minerals our body needs, and also vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. It is a super food that is high in fibre, iron, protein, magnesium, and much more.

Wheatgrass Powder is made from 100% Organic Wheatgrass, sourced with respect for nature.


This product may contain traces of nuts.

Nua Wheatgrass Powder is an extremely versatile supplement to build into your diet that makes a big difference to your health. Wheatgrass is quite potent so we recommend 1-2 teaspoons daily of nua Wheatgrass Powder is plenty, but as with all types of natural foods, it is best to start with small amounts and work up gradually to the recommended daily dosage.

Here are some ways to take it:

Dissolve into a cup of warm water for a quick and easy nutritious shot;

Blend into smoothies, juices or milkshakes of your choice;

Brew it into a tea or other beverage;

Mix into hummus, and use as a dip or spread;

Include it in a salad dressing;

Mash into soft fruit such as bananas.

Add to porridge and yoghurts.

Dilute in warm water

Sprinkle it into meals such as salads or soups;

Mix it into energy balls as a handy snack;

Add it to smoothies, milkshakes, or juices;

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