NKD Stevia Drops

NKD Stevia Drops

NKD Living

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NKD Living's Liquid Stevia is a natural liquid sweetener made from the Stevia plant that has 0 calories, 0 GI and no carbohydrates. It's perfect for "On the Go" sweetness and can even be used in baking!

It's great for diabetics, if you're on a diet, or just anyone with a sweet tooth!


Natural liquid sweetener from the Stevia Plant

0 calories, 0 glycemic index, no carbohydrates

100% natural alternative to sugar and GMO-free

Suitable for diabetics and low GI, ideal for people who want to maintain a stable blood sugar level.

Steviol glycosides (Rebaudioside A at 95% purity) Purified water and Vitamin C

Add 3-6 drops of Stevia to tea, coffee, protein shakes, porridge, and anything else you like!

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