New Nordic Wonder Legs

New Nordic Wonder Legs

New Nordic

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Wonder Legs™ is the tablet you need to help maintain a normal vein and blood vessel function to help avoid the feeling of tired legs. The unique bio-active nutrient combination contained in each tablet helps avoid the feeling of tired legs after prolonged standing or sitting. The tablet, which is manufactured in Sweden contains a herbal combination extract of French maritime pine bark, red vine leaf extract. The content of French pine tree bark helps maintain normal venous function.

PINE BARK (Pinus pinaster, Aiton)

Pinus pinaster, better known as French maritime pine, originates in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Like in the Northern European countries, where pine bark was often added to flour for bread baking, also the southern countries used the same procedure. Today we know that this bark contains naturally high contents of the desired proanthocyanidins.

VINE LEAVES (Vitis vinifera L.)

The Vine plant is originating in the Mediterranean zone, Central Europe and southwestern Asia. It is a deciduous climber. The leaves are heart shaped with jagged edges. The fruit of the plant is grapes, which are used both in wine production and as eating grapes.

BLACK PEPPER (Piper nigrum L.)

Peppers grow in tropical climates with much rain and heat. Black pepper originated in Kerala in India, from where it spread with humans north to Assam and east to Ceylon, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia as well as other southeastern countries.

One tablet per day

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