Moonology Diary 2024

Moonology Diary 2024



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Product Description

Discover the transformative powers of the Moon to manifest your goals, attune to a higher energy, and prepare for a magical year ahead.

In this essential companion for 2024, award-winning astrologer Yasmin Boland shows you how to work with the rhythms of the lunar cycle to unleash your power and create positive change.

Every week you will learn about key events and energies, as well as rituals, tools, and techniques to help you work with each New and Full Moon. You will discover how to:

embrace the power of New Moon wishing—how to do it and why it works

invite incredible opportunities and positivity into each day

attune to the energies of key events in each lunar cycle

be mindful of how the Moon can influence events in your diary

create, plan, and predict any event or change in your life

With plenty of space for you to plan your year, this diary is sure to become an essential tool for manifesting bliss, abundance, and more!