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Menopause Test - MyBio Self Test


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Product Description

What it does?

Menopause Test tells you if you're perimenopausal.

Who is it for?

Women experiencing perimenopausal symptoms.

Why would I want to do this test?

The MyBio Menopause Test delivers a reliable, quick and clear answer to the question "Am I perimenopausal?" in the privacy of their own home.

Further Facts

What is the perimenopause? The period leading up to menopause and the 12 months after.

Early Diagnosis - menopause is usually not scientifically diagnosed until 1 full year after periods have stopped. Many women experience significant symptoms during their perimenopausal time.

Onset of perimenopause is caused by changes in the levels of hormones. As the body produces less and less oestrogen, it increases its production of Foccicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH). Testing for FSH can help determine whether a women is in the perimenopause stage.

If a woman knows she is perimenopausal, she can take the appropriate steps to keep her body healthy and avoid the serious health risks associated with menopause, which include osteoporosis, increased blood pressure and cholesterol, and increased risk of heart disease.