Mala Necklcae Rhodonite, Smoky Quartz & Feather

Mala Necklcae Rhodonite, Smoky Quartz & Feather


Product Description

Stylish necklace with 108 beads of rhodonite & grey quartz and a feather charm.(*)
Can be used as a mala for counting mantras. Comes in a cotton gift bag.

Rhodonite is a stone that is said to promote love and compassion and helps to keep a cool head during drastic events.

Smokey quartz purifies negative energies and helps balance relationships. It is known to aid recovering from fatigue and recharging your inner battery.

Spiritual and symbolic meaning of the feather
It is a common belief within different religions that the feather symbolises overall spiritual evolution.The feather represents strength and growth, as well as hope and freedom. The feather symbolises faith in ourselves and the universe. As a human, we often fantasise about spreading our wings to fly and feel free. In Christianity, the feather symbolises the connection with heaven.

A mala originally is a hinduistic and buddhist tool for prayer and meditation. It is used to count mantras during meditation. A mantra is a collection of words, often from Sanskrit, which is repeated several - traditionally 108 - times. While repeating, you focus on the meaning and vibration of the words, possibly combined with the accompanying visualisation. By training in a meditation practice like this, your thoughts come to rest and your body relaxes. Nowadays, a mala is also worn as a fashion accessory.