Journal Trust Your Vibes Journal

Journal Trust Your Vibes Journal


Product Description

This four-month guided journal, drawn from the author’s best-selling works and more than 50 years of coaching clients, will help readers tap into their intuition with five-minute daily entries.

If you want to experience a more meaningful, successful, productive, body- and soul-satisfying life, it all comes down to trusting your innate sixth sense—your “vibes,” short for “vibrations.” This is what intuition is: a natural intelligence we all possess that tunes in to energy in motion and uses this information to successfully navigate toward the best outcomes in all areas of life.

The truth is we are always sensing our intuition. The problem arises when we ignore it, challenge it, dismiss it, or altogether tune out this incredible natural super-awareness. Just as ignoring any one of our other functioning senses would compromise our life, tuning out your intuitive guidance leads to equally, if not even more, potentially disastrous results.

In all her years of teaching people, Sonia Choquette found the most empowering tool for activating intuitive intelligence comes from regularly writing down intuitive impulses. Once you do in a very short period, you will have undeniable evidence, written in your own hand, that your intuitive intelligence, the voice of your divine spirit, is exceptionally capable of guiding you to living the most extraordinary, beautiful life possible.

The good news is you don’t have to put a lot of time into writing your intuitive impulses. In fact, the less time you think about it, the better. Writing quickly by hand a few minutes a day is all you need to activate this extraordinary superpower.

That is the purpose of this journal. In it, you will find simple prompts that will help you turn inward to recognize and acknowledge the subtle guidance coming from your spirit. Spending just five minutes a day answering the prompts and questions in this journal will activate and strengthen your intuition and empower you with the most life-changing and extraordinary awareness you could ever imagine.