Journal Living Your Purpose

Journal Living Your Purpose



Product Description

Elegantly designed journal based on the work of Wayne Dyer, including inspirational quotes, writing prompts, and exercises guiding you toward a fulfilled and joyful life.

"You are a miracle. You have come to this earth for a brief parenthesis in eternity for a reason. And staying aligned with what feels like your purpose is the key to living a fully functioning life." -- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

This guided journal collects many of Wayne Dyer's writings on how to actively follow your bliss and live a purposeful life. If you're not certain what your soul's calling you to do, there are dozens of exercises in these pages to help you tune in to the voice of your true self, along with quotes to inspire you along the way.

Through this journal, you'll understand how to:

• Release your attachments to the opinions of others-as well as yourself

• Open your mind to your limitless potential

• Let go of stress and anxiety through forgiveness and taming the ego

• Listen to love instead of fear, let go of the past, and realize that the present is a gift

• See yourself living the life of your dreams, and act as if you already have it

You have a choice of which path to take: Will you stay with this version of your life? Or will you take the unfamiliar and perhaps risky path to accept the success and inner peace that is your birthright?