Iswari Buddhas Awakening Bowl Chocolate Hit

Iswari Buddhas Awakening Bowl Chocolate Hit


  • Gluten Free

  • Vegan

  • Vegetarian



Awakening Bowl a blend made for a quick and instant breakfast. Simply add water or your choice of plant-based milk, stir an go!This combination of ingredients has a high nutritional profile and is a super choice for breakfast or as a snack , that enlightens any part of your day. A true awakening of body, mind and spirit.

INSTANT PLANT-BASED BREAKFAST MIX High fibre and omega-3 fatty acidsSource of magnesium, copper, phosphorus and proteinCacao is the fruit of the theobroma cacao tree.

Milled buckwheat, ground almonds, milled flax seeds (10.5%), milled chia seeds (Salvia hispanica) (10%), coconut sugar, cocoa powder (5.5%), buckwheat groats and raw cocoa nibs.

Preparing a healthy breakfast with Awakening Bowl is very simple: we finely chopped the best ingredients so you can prepare your healthy breakfast in just a few minutes. You just need:

  • 3 full tablespoon of Awakening Bowl;
  • A large cup or bowl;
  • 100/110 ml (about half a glass) of water, fruit juice or hot or cold vegetable milk.

Stir up to obtain a homogeneous mix, not too liquid and not too dry, and the Awakening is ready! You can add goji berries, banana or pieces of fruit as you like.

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