Ireland Beeswax Wrap 4 Pack

Ireland Beeswax Wrap 4 Pack

Ireland Beeswax


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Easy to care for and long lasting. This pack will last you a year or more. C

The beeswax is water repellent, naturally anti-bacterial and has an indefinite shelf-life. The jojoba oil, from the jojoba plant is anti-fungal, so your food will stay fresh for much longer. Soft breads stay soft, no more brown avocados and your vegetables will stay fresh and crispy. Reducing your food waste as well as the need to buy plastic film wrap or foil. The four pack is beautifully packaged, smells divine and makes a lovely gift.


Small 13 x 15 cm

Medium 18 x 20 cm

Large 26 x 28 cm

Extra Large 33 x 36 cm cm

Simply use the warmth of your hands to mould and shape around your food items or over the top of a jar or bowl , quick and easy, leaves more space in your fridge or lunch box as there is no need for bulky containers.

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