Figurine Anne Stokes Friends Forever

Figurine Anne Stokes Friends Forever




Anyone that loves fantasy art will adore this awesome dragon figurine that measures 8.75 inches tall.

This delightful Friends Forever dragon figurine comes from the amazing artistic abilities of artist, Anne Stokes. This dragon queen sits upon her royal throne lovingly stroking one of her favorite charges. The throne features filigree designs and dragon figurine carvings like thrones from years past. The beautiful maiden has long red fiery hair and a golden crown on her imperial head. A golden medallion hangs from a velvet cord around her neck. She is wearing a black corset top with black fingerless gloves and a flowing red mantle. The hem of her long black skirt is edged in a magical gold filigree design. There are flame design tattoos on her arms and down the front of her leg. A beautiful orange baby dragon sits upon her lap with his long scaly tail lovingly wrapped about her leg.