Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray

Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray

Eye Logic


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> Immediate comfort & relief

> Great for use whilst wearing contact lenses

Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray is a safe, easy to use product that treats a deficiency in the lipid (oily) layer of the tear film – the major root cause of dry eye syndrome by improving the lubrication of the eyes and eyelids.

10mg Soya Lecithin: 8mg Sodium Chloride: 8mg Ethanol: 5mg Phenoxyethanol: 0.25mg Vitamin A: 0.02mg Vitamin E: Drops contain: Sodium hyaluronate 1 mg/ml, Sodium chloride, Sodium hydrogen phosphate, Chlorides (potassium, calcium, magnesium), Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Water for injection

Hold approximately 10cm (4 inches) away from your closed eyes and spray 1-2 times on each eye - you will feel the full effect in 3-4 minutes. Use for up to 6 months after opening.

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