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Ecozone Magnoloo Toilet

Ecozone Magnoloo Toilet



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Ecozone Magnoloo is a long-term maintenance product that uses magnetic power to crystallize calcium particles in the water in the cistern of your toilet. This ultimately means that once the Magnoloo is placed into the tank, the water is softened to prevent limescale build-up from occurring. With Ecozone Magnoloo you won't need harsh chemicals and bleaches to remove stains and watermarks!

Maintains & prevents limescale build-up

Discrete application

Long term, water softening solution

Manets and PVC rubber
1) Lift the lid off toilet cistern. 2) Flush the toilet so water level falls in the cistern. 3) Place 1 Magnoloo into the cistern of the toilet. 4) Place lid back onto cistern.

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