Ecozone Damp Mold & Moisture Trap

Ecozone Damp Mold & Moisture Trap


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Ecozone’s Damp, Mould & Moisture Trap is an economical and effective solution to help protect your home against problems such as damp, mildew, mould and musty smells. Unlike conventional dehumidifiers, our portable design allows you to use it in just about any room, big or small, from homes to caravans, with the bonus of not using electric power (which could save you money on energy bills). Lasting up to three months at a time, this nifty pot can be reused and refilled when ready.

The box contains 1 pot and 1 dehumidifier pouch. Refill pouches are universal and can fit in all of our dehumidifier cases across the range.

Calcium Chloride.

1) Remove Ecozone’s Damp, Mould & Moisture Trap from the packaging and clear plastic wrapper (do not unwrap with pouch). 2) Place the pouch in the top compartment and close. 3) Placed in the desired room. 4) Once the base is full of water, pour away and continue using the trap. 5) Replace the pouch after 3 months.

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