Di Giuliani Angel Protection Sacred House Cleansing Kit



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Product Description

Smudging is the tradition of cleansing and purifying with smoke from sacred herbs or sacred wood to clear negative energy from a person or space or gemstone/crystal. Smudging can be used to connect people to the Creator to gain spiritual protection and blessings, as well as to improve spiritual health. You can smudge with White Sage or Palo Santo wood to remove any unwanted energy from gemstone/crystal or to clear negative energy from a person or space and restore with tranquility and calm.

It is very important to carry out the smudging ritual with respect and gratitude. It is also very powerful to say a mantra/prayer and to set an intention.

This kit has everything you need to try out the variety of sage and palo santo we have on offer.

This Kit Includes:

x1 Polished Abalone Shell

x10 Quick Light Charcoal Disc

x1 Sage Bundle

x1 Tripod

x1 Rose Quartz Rough

x1 4inch Palo Santo Stick

x1 Feather

x1 Angels Perfume Resin.

x1 Angel Healing Incense Hex Tube

Dimensions: 24cm X 18cm