Cydonia Arnica Ultra Gel

Cydonia Arnica Ultra Gel



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Soothing Arnica Ultra Gel includes ingredients, Phyto Essential Oils (EO’s) with defined botanical names, Arnica Montana, Pelargonium Graveolens, Lavadula Angustifolia, Origanium Vulgare. This vintage unique synergistic formulation utilises both the aroma and the chemical combinations of the ingredients that can be massaged into the areas of the skin after exercise and sporting activity/strenuous training work. Arnica Montana has been used as a massage into stressed areas of the body for centuries and is well known for its unique properties. This unique combination of ingredients is absorbed well into the skin area and when massaged thoroughly into the skin leaves the areas feeling healthy, soft and balanced. This unique product may be used as a medium of sports massage medium for pre, inter, post training and during competition. Check general safety data and while all the Cydonia products are well tolerated we advise the use of a patch test with all our products.

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