Book The Big Book of Angel Stories

Book The Big Book of Angel Stories


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Is there such a thing as a miracle? Have you ever seen a 'sign' that was too personal to be acoincidence? Do you believe in angels but wonder why some of your prayers go unanswered?

In this book, much-loved angel author Jenny Smedley brings together a collection of her most moving and powerful stories about the angels. Filled with astonishing personal accounts from her readers and fans who have seen, heard or been helped by angels, this book will convince even sceptics of the presence of angels in our lives.

Inside the pages of this book you will read incredible stories of:
· Angels disguised as humans
· Angels appearing in dreams to give messages
· Angels physically intervening to save a person from an accident or an attack
· Angels sending signs in answer to questions or prayers
The astounding stories in this book will renew anyone's faith in angels and show that they really are all around us. We are guided and protected, and never alone.