Bio Today Vegan Herb Pate

Bio Today Vegan Herb Pate


  • Sugar Free

  • Organic

  • Vegan

  • Vegetarian


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BioToday's organic vegan Herb pâté is without refined sugars and free of artificial additives.The pâté is nice and creamy and easy to spread. The cans can be kept unopened at room temperature, so easy to take with you to work or on vacation. Delicious on bread, a cracker or for dipping with raw vegetables.

water, palm kernel oil*, rice flour*, paprika*, yeast*, onions*, sunflower oil*, potato starch*, palm oil*, tomato paste*, onion powder*, parsnip*, carrots*, yeast extract*, sea salt, herbs* 1% (parsley* , oregano*, thyme*, savory*), lemon juice*, thickened


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