Bio Today Organic Lentil & Olive Oil Soup

Bio Today Organic Lentil & Olive Oil Soup


  • Sugar Free

  • Organic

  • Vegan

  • Vegetarian


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Delicious vegan soup with red lentils, olive oil & spices.

BioToday Lentil-olive oil soup is perfect for a busy, but also healthy lifestyle. The soup only needs to be heated with some extra water. This way you have a delicious pure soup on the table in no time without added sugars or other ingredients that raise question marks. Fast, responsible & delicious!

water, red lentils* 19%, potatoes*, onion*, tomato paste*, olive oil* 6%, cumin seeds*, coriander*, garlic*, sea salt, yeast extract, chili powder*, black pepper*. *=organic


400 ml soup + 200 ml water heating in a pan = 3 portions of soup

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