Arkopharma Phyto Soya Night & Day

Arkopharma Phyto Soya Night & Day



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Photo Soya High Strength Night & Day is intended for women who wish to enjoy the full benefits of soya isoflavones specifically during the night and day. Phyto Soya is a food supplement containing a natural sourced soya extract specifically developed for women at the time of change.

These high strength two-a-day tablets (morning and night) with slow and prolonged release, help provide a more balanced 24 hour dosage. Photo Soya Night Capsules Contains soya extract with lemon balm extract and Vitamin B6. Photo Soya Day Capsules Contains stinging nettle leaf, corn style powder and grape extract rich in polyphenols and OPC (Oligomeric Procyanidins).

DAY FORMULA: Soya extract rich in isofl avones (Glycine max L. Merrill) – Bulking agents: potassium phosphate and cellulose – Powder of corn (Zea maize L.) style – Powder of nettle (Urtica dioica L., Urtica urens L.) aerial parts – Anti-caking agent: mono and di glycerides of fatty acids. Capsule shell: Gelatine – Colouring agents: titanium dioxide, iron oxide.

NIGHT FORMULA: Soya extract rich in isoflavones – Bulking agent: cellulose and derivatives (hydroxypropylcellulose) – Magnesium oxide – Lemon balm leaf extract (Melissa offi cinalis L., Gum arabic) – Anti-caking agent: Magnesium stearate – Vitamin B6. Capsule shell: Gelatine – Colouring agents: Ammonia caramel, Titanium dioxide.

Take two 35mg capsules per day, 1 DAY capsule in the morning and 1 NIGHT capsule at night, with a large glass of water during meals (equating to 70mg of isoflavones per day).

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