Aqua Carpatica Water

Aqua Carpatica Water


Aqua Carpatica

Product Description

In the heart of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, pristine spring water flows underground from the protected Bajenaru Spring. AQUA Carpatica spring water is responsibly captured to naturally preserve its ideal mineral content, balanced pH, and unmatched pure taste.

Natural Spring Water (Still): artesian pure water from the Carpathian Mountains in BPA-free bottles 100% recyclable
Natural Electrolytes: AQUA Carpatica spring water has natural electrolytes for improved hydration
Naturally Nitrate Free: (as NO3-N per serving): ideal for newborns (no boiling required), young children and expecting mothers
Naturally Sodium Free: recommended for those with high blood pressure or low sodium diets
Naturally Alkaline: pH 8.2 due to the presence of bicarbonate ions in the aquifer of the spring