Apivita Mediterranean Rituals Gift Set

Apivita Mediterranean Rituals Gift Set



Product Description

Apivita Mediterranean Rituals Express Beauty Kit

Gift Set Contents : Tissue Carob Face Mask 20ml , Aloe ,Orange, Grape Face Masks 2x8ml , Express Face Scrub Apricot 2x8ml , Express Beauty Grape Eye Mask 2x2ml

Apivita face mask in carob purifying detox fabric, It is a detoxifying mask infused with activated carbon and carob. Made with activated carbon and infused with a supercharged carob serum, this mask adheres to the face like a second skin to offer a unique sensation of revitalization. Absorbs excess sebum and accumulated impurities, while minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores. Use it twice a week to reveal a bright and renewed complexion!