Angel Flower Essence Angel of Transmutation

Angel Flower Essence Angel of Transmutation


Product Description

The Angel of Transmutation elevates your energy, raising your vibrational frequency so you can experience more of the lightness of your true being. It has an alchemical energy, transforming low frequency energies and liberating you from suffering.

Working with the Angel of Transmutation essence allows things to change form, so unexpected shifts in your circumstances and consciousness can occur. There is both power and lightness to this vibration. It elevates your consciousness so you can bring your awareness to difficult or painful things without identifying with them.

Use The Angel of Transmutation essence to raise your vibrational frequency at times of deep clearing and inner healing or when things feel too painful or difficult to cope with alone.

Energetic infusion of: Frangipani - yellow.
Ingredients: Organic Brandy, Water, (Alcohol 23% bv).

How to Use*
A normal adult dosage would be 4 drops on the tongue 4 times a day.
The Angel Essences can be used in two different ways:
1. If you feel in need of inspiration, take four drops and call upon the help of your chosen angel  ‐ repeat as necessary.
2. Alternatively, take four drops four times a day over a certain period of time, asking for help with each dose, until you feel a shift in consciousness.

It is best to store the essences in a cool place away from food, drinks, and electronic devices.

* Attention: The use of essences is never intended to replace medical treatment.

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