A. Vogel Pollinosan Hayfever Eye Drops

A. Vogel Pollinosan Hayfever Eye Drops


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For quick relief of red and itchy eyes due to hayfever.

A.Vogel Pollinosan Hayfever Eye Drops offer protection against pollen, which may trigger a hayfever response.

The eye drops contain hyaluronic acid which is produced from a vegetable source, and does NOT contain genetically modified soy, and is not of animal origin.

Suitable for contact lens users.

Hyaluronic acid (1 mg/ml), Chamomilla recutita (chamomile), Sodium chloride, Boric acid, Disodium tetraborate decahydrate, Sterile water.

May contain traces of soy.

No preservatives.

Suitable for vegans.

Store between 8°C and 25°C.

Keep out of the sight and reach of children.

Use within 6 months of opening.

Do not use after the expiry date

Adults: 1-2 drops, as needed, in each eye up to 5 times daily
Children over 7 years: 1 drop in each eye 1-2 times daily, after consulting an optician or healthcare professional.
Use with contact lenses: If you wear contact lenses, you do not need to take them out before using these eye drops.

A.Vogel Pollinosan Hayfever Eye Drops can be used for a maximum of 30 consecutive days.

A.Vogel Pollinosan Hayfever Eye Drops come in a unique dropper bottle. The easy-to-use dropper system releases just one drop at a time for ease of application.

The unique bottle design keeps the contents sterile without using preservatives, ensuring the product can be used frequently, once open.

1. Remove the coloured cap from the bottle.

2. First time use: Hold the bottle upside down over your hand and squeeze the base several times until the first drop is released. The dropper bottle is now ready for use.

3. Tilt the head back slightly and pull the lower eyelid downwards. Place the dropper above the eye. Holding the bottle with your thumb and middle finger, press the base of the bottle with your index finger.

4. Close your eye so that the fluid spreads evenly over the eye’s surface. Replace the cap on the bottle, pressing firmly.