A Time For Us Children’s Book by Liz Reilly

A Time For Us Children’s Book by Liz Reilly


Product Description

A word from the author:

This book was inspired by my beautiful son Hugo. He has very little interest in toys but a lot of interest in books. I find books a great tool to connect with Hugo. He was diagnosed with ASD autism spectrum disorder at 3 years old, it was a few days before his 4th birthday.

Today he is 10 years old. He is a very happy and loving child. Hugo also has SPD- sensory processing disorder. It is very difficult for him to regulate his body and nervous system. Reading seems to help him become more centered and regulated.

I decided to write a children’s book to help children regulate their emotions and to teach them to express their feelings in a fun and safe way. It is also intended to teach them about the power that they have within themselves.

Within the book there are affirmations to help build up children’s confidence and self belief. The book allows the child to become aware of the subtle energy within (chakras). The book is beautifully illustrated and allows the child to tap into their creative mind.

As you work your way through the pages of the book you will become calm and, in turn your listener will also become calm.

We all feed off each other’s energy. The exercises in the book put a lot of emphasis on deep breathing, this takes the body into a parasympathetic state, which helps the body and mind relax. It slows down the heart rate inducing a state of calmness.

Deep breathing also promotes a healthy gut. Lots of research states that the gut is the second brain and a vital player in the body’s immune system. Healthy gut, healthy brain.

There are blank spaces in the book that allow for open communication and imagination work.

With lots of screen time nowadays it can dim down our creative mind. I hope this book will reopen that amazing energy within us all.

It took a lot of courage for me to take this step forward and to produce this book, I honestly believe that the book is Hugo’s message to the world, not mine.

Lots of love,

Liz and Hugo